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SUP on Seneca

Indoor studios can't compare to the SUP on Seneca Yoga experience! Would you like to experience the warmth of the sun on your skin, breathing in the fresh air, and listening to the tranquil sounds of the lake, all while flowing through a yoga practice?If that sounds like your idea of bliss, then sign up for a class today and get ready to enjoy the magic! SUP on Seneca Yoga  classes are open to “all levels”. Students are guided through a Vinyasa Yoga flow with customized and detailed instructions for the paddle board. Even if you have not been practicing yoga for years, or have never been on a paddle board, you will be able to follow along and have fun! Come ready to get wet or not and have a great time! SUP on Seneca classes are 75 minutes long. Each board has an individual anchor that will be dropped down before the yoga portion of class begins. This allows everyone in the class to stay together and not drift away while focusing on the yoga practice. Once settled, we will flow through a yoga session on the water using our paddle boards for mats and the open water as our studio. After a tranquil, floating savasana we will start paddling back to shore.  

worry less...paddle more

This growing sport is lots of fun, a great workout, and a unique way to experience Seneca Lake!


private group classes; yoga, pilates, paddle board lessons, 50/50 (yoga & paddle), sup & sip.

Now booking for summer classes: All ages, all levels..

Birthday parties, wedding parties, team building...grab your friends and hit the water!



Find your peace on Seneca Lake this summer ~ scheduled classes below 

Have your own board? Awesome, bring it for a discounted price....

Stand Up Paddle Board lessons:

June 12 & 26 @ 6pm

July 10 & 24 @ 6pm

August 8 & 22 @ 6pm

sup paddle ~ 60 minute classes

Sup Yoga class dates:

June 26 @ 7:15pm

July 10 & 24 @ 7:15pm

August 8 & 22 @ 7:15pm

sup yoga ~ 75 minute classes

Sign up: suponseneca@gmail.com

sup pricing



Yoga, Pilates or 50/50 classes

75 min. class-time

$125 group of 5

Sup & Sip

You choose your sup preference

2.5 hrs class-time

$225 group of 5 

SUP Lessons

75 min. class-time

$100 group of 5

SUP Yoga Private Classes

1 person - $55 / 75 min.

2 people - $85 / 75 min.

3 people - $105 / 75 min.

4 people - regular rates

~ Have your own board? No problem, we have a discounted rate for you.

$12 stand up paddle, $18 sup yoga, $37 sup & sip

Deposit required for all bookings 

Season: June 2019 - mid September 2019 (weather permitting)

*12 years old and up. Children under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult.  Anyone under 18 years of age need to have a legal guardian sign waiver.*


sign a waiver

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please read before taking a SUP class...

 1. You don’t necessarily need to get wet and you may not fall in.
The boards that I teach SUP yoga on are wide, fat, floaty, and stable. The thickness of them means that the surface of the board sits high above the water (so that the deck pad stays completely dry or relatively dry). The deck pad is also cushy and comfortable, and acts as your yoga mat surface.
Unless you are VERY tall, the 11" yoga board is plenty long (most yoga mats are 6 ft long) and the 30 inches of width (most yoga mats are 24 inches) provide an awesome surface to practice a full, comprehensive yoga sequence.
Depending on the conditions, and how daring you get, it is totally possible to go through an entire practice and stay completely dry. With that being said, falling in is fun, as well as refreshing on a hot day, and generally the first person to fall in breaks the ice for everyone else, so don’t be afraid to get wet!

2. Dress the part.
Dress in either synthetic (non-cotton) clothing or a bathing suit, be sure to hydrate well and bring hydration with you, wear sunscreen and prepare as you would for any other hot weather activity. Be mindful not to wear oily sunscreen as you don’t want to slip on the board, and unless you have a way to keep your hat and sunglasses on (floating croakies, etc), it is best to leave them behind. Bring a towel just in case and for those chilly mornings a long sleeve shirt to start out in!

3. Be safe.
If you are not a strong swimmer, TELL your instructor! It doesn’t mean that you can’t be on the water, but it does mean that you will have to wear a lifejacket even during the yoga portion of the session.

4. Come with an open mind, a sense of humor, and again, a willingness to get wet!

See you on the water



Seneca Lake


Besides being the largest of the Finger Lakes, I may be biased, but also the most beautiful. The mighty Seneca has some of the best views, wineries and restaurants.  Taking in the peaceful views and fresh air on a paddle board is, by far, the best way.



I've been a fitness instructor for 5 years specializing in Yoga and Pilates and it has been completely life changing. I love teaching on the water because it slows me down and forces me to be present to myself and others. And to see people progress in their own practice is enlightening.

My teaching style is playful, peaceful and inspiring.

I'm grateful for all the people I have met along my journey and have been inspired by each of them.

Great Adventures


Life was meant for good friends and great adventures. So grab a few friends and book a class this summer. I can promise lots of fun and laughter to feed your soul.



See you on the water!

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Sup on Seneca

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